Monday, September 5, 2011

Buy Black Wednesdays 6: We've Made Everybody Else Rich! Now it's Our Turn!

Turns out the freedoms we won weren't enough, we also need discipline! No disrespect to other cultures, but when we got a little freedom we did a jailbreak from each other and ran into the open arms of everybody else and made them rich! We ran to Chinatown to get Chinese food, we ran to Japantown to get sushi and Japanese food! We ran to the taco stand to get Mexican food! We ran to Little Italy to get pizzas in Italian shoes and suits! We ran to Mac Donalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken and to everybody else's restaurant to make them rich!

We ran to the Asian Beauty Salons to get manicured and pedicured and our fine East Indian hair weaves and made them rich! Our comedians and boxers have made comedy clubs throughout the country and Showtime and HBO rich! Our music has made Sony, the Music Industry and the whole world rich! We've made Pimps, Pushers, Preachers and ghetto slum lords rich! We left our Black Wall Streets with 600 businesses in a 10 Square mile area and our Harlems and Little Africas and were seduced by Greener Pastures, the American Dream and Goldy Locks to make Disneyland, Hollywood, Manhattan and Suburban Malls rich!

We ran to Nike for $200 running shoes and made them rich! We ran to the NBA and made the National Basketball Association Rich! We ran to the NFL and made the National Football League rich! We ran in the Olympics and made the International Track Federation, ABC, NBC and CBS sports rich! We had our own professional baseball teams in the Negro Leagues, an Ebony Field of Dreams with the best baseball players in the Universe, but we allowed ourselves to be seduced and put thousands of black folk out of work and communion to return to our former slave masters and make them and Major League Baseball rich! And that rich ebony Field of Dreams has vanished into the mists of time!

Our young boys and girls get athletic scholorships and the promise of a free education to play ball at major colleges and universities and make them rich! "Run nigger, run!" Because this is primarily what the colleges are for and about: money... human roachtraps and 4 to 8 year detention centers for our community's brightest minds and greatest talents! And if they can't use you to further their White Supremacy endeavors they spit you back out into the world shackled with thousands of dollars of debt! Meanwhile, while you were pursuing the American Dream, the American Nightmare was swallowing up your community, killing your homies, turning your brothers and sisters into crackheads and tricks and disenfranchising the whole neighborhood once again with gentrification and disorientation and a brand new expressway where your thriving black businesses used to be!

So as a form of therapy and medication we make Newport and Malt Liqour makers rich! Our physical constitutions and oppression anxieties are so strong that we need a "double poison" to get a buzz! We can't just smoke regular cigerettes we gotta have menthol! And we can't just drink regular beer we gotta have Malt Liqour! And our poor drinking and eating habits have made many a doctor, hospital and Undertaker rich!

We've made America rich, Europe rich, Asians rich, Jews rich, Arabs at the corner liqour store rich and every Tom, Dick and Harry has fed off of and is benefiting from our labor, talent and Life Force but us!!!! Even our poets and spoken word artists are making other people rich! Which is why I'm giving a For Colored Girls, $1000 (Winner takes All!) Sistar Slam in November to encourage literacy, art, culture and cooperative economics! We've made everybody else rich, now it's our turn!

Support black and community friendly businesses everyday, but especially on Black Wednesday!

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