Monday, September 26, 2011

Buy Black Wednesdays 7: Columbus, the White Cat Who Brought the World 500 Years Bad Luck!

    There are those who would have you believe that seeing a black cat (like me!?) cross your path will bring you bad luck. But the Native Americans had no idea when they first saw that white cat named Christopher Columbus that he would be bringing them and the whole world 500 years bad luck!
    Those two hundred years between 1400 and 1600 were an unfortunate turning point in world history. During that time Europeans began to sell the rest of the world a can of beans with their picture and lable on it (a white Jesus centered Christianity), that took them from the Dark Ages to the Space Age and from the barbaric Middle Ages to the barbaric Super Power that America is today, leaving much of the world behind in a dark age of poverty and oppression, with nothing to show for it but a can of beans -  without a can opener!   

    When we are born into the world all we have to grow up on are the stories our parents and the world feed us. But if our parents and their parents and the whole world were brought up on lies than probably much of what we believe in are lies, untrue or misleading; Like when we were taught in school that Columbus discovered America.
    And many of our parents believe that we should pursue a "I am qualified to be a success in life degree" from college because that is a part of the American Dream; and that the ideal place for us to seek higher learning is from a prestigious university like Harvard. When the best thing Harvard can really do for you is teach you a watered down version of your own stolen legacy!!!

    Because the truth of the matter is...that not one single university in the history of the world on planet earth has ever been able to create one Michael Jackson, not one James Brown, not one Thelonious Monk, not one Bob Marley, not one Marcus Garvey, not one Josephine Baker, not one George Washington Carver, not one Muhammad Ali, not one Great Pyramid or a single genre of music like the Blues, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop or R&B! Why? Because you can't touch this and you can't teach this! Black magic! The magic of black people!

    This special Khemistry is in y/our genes! Your melanin and dark skin tone distinguishes you as a Planetary Elder, one who embodies the wisdom of the ages, one who is blessed with eons of insight and intution and millenia of magic and overcoming in your DNA and coursing through your veins! Just as a record or CD is imprinted with music so have you been deeply sunkissed and sprinkled with stardust from the rhythms and music of the spheres and the mojo and juju of the most ancient of years!

    The number one rule of the Original People and most Indigenous People is respect your elders! But there is a tribe of Grown Juvenile Delinquents who have no respect for anything! These Baby Souls have carjacked the world but they don't know how to drive so they keep crashing into everything; spilling millions of gallons of oil into the oceans, knocking over whole (rain) forests and millions of sacred trees and killing millions of indigenous people and wildlife! You and the other indigenous peoples of the world should be teaching them instead of them teaching you!

    And as far as the American Dream is concerned, you have to be asleep to believe it! After 500 years of being burnt in our own ashes it is time for the Phoenix to rise! We must stop funding the Inhumane Society and their enterprises of madness and support our own and more nobler agendas! Your community is your university! Out of all the infinite heavens and all the infinite earths that little acre of land called your community is the university God (Universal Intelligence) planted you in! And if we support them enough soon our communities will be more sustainable, prosperous and greater centers of higher learning than their universities!

    This is one of the reasons I created not only Buy Black Wednesdays but also All Afrikan Saint's Day - a red black and green alternative to Halloween. All Afrikan Saint's Day is intended to be an afrocentric Day of the Dead! An all Afrikan holiday where we revisit and pay homage to our black heroes and ancestars instead of ghosts and goblins and spiritual gangsters! A day to excavate Black Gold and Black Power from incredible Black Legacies! A day where we may still wear costumes and lavish adornments and play make-believe, but we do so to re-member the great Afrikans who preceded us, through poetry, song, dance, music, drumming, skits, speeches and re-enactments of great moments, groups and individuals in Black History!

    All Afrikan Saint's Day is intended to be held on the same day as Halloween. However we will have a promotional event on Sunday, October 16, 6 to 9pm at Shashamane's Restaurant, 2507 Broadway, in Oakland.

    Paradise Day is October 6th in the city of Oakland, a distinction I was given for my many years of service in the arts community, but will be celebrated on Sunday, October 2nd, 6 to 9pm at Shashamane's Ethiopian Restaurant.

    Vote today for the world of the future now! Buy Black Wednesday! Also check out my new Buy Black Wednesday video web show at

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