Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Buy Black Wednesday 5: Money Talk!

BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA, THE MOST LIBERAL CITY IN AMERICA and the world some say! And yet Berkeley High School, with over 3500 students and 250 teachers,  has only 8 black teachers!!! Scandalous! Shame on you BHS administration! The city of Berkeley has declared 2011, "The Year of the Black Man"! But where are the Black Male Teachers that are so desperately needed for black boys and students? HIRE ME! Give me the ear of Black America for one year and I'll make 40 million model citizens appear! Let us produce more black owned schools and centers of higher learning. And let us make it possible to fund with Buy Black Wednesdays.

HOW IMPORTANT IS BUY BLACK WEDNESDAYS? One sister told me recently, "We're going to need much more than Buy Black Wednesday to solve our problems." Wow! What a brilliant deduction! But is it true? Let's see what the major problems are in our community and see if BBW can address them: Off the top of my head I'd say the major problems we're facing are 1. Poverty 2. Violence 3. Crime 4. Drugs/Health 5. Lack of Unity 6. Self Hate 7.Lack of Knowledge of Self. Let's not quibble about the order of importance. If we can solve the poverty issue the violence and crime issues would dwindle significantly. People with money in their pockets have less a need to do crimes or drugs or be violent. Black Americans have an income of $1,000, 000, 000 000 (a trillion dollars) a year! But we are a poor Trillion Dollar Nation because that money barely stays in our communities for 15 minutes! The next time you get a pay check muthafarker do us all a favor and keep it for 16 minutes! Hahahahaha!! Pray about how you're going to use it! Everything has a spirit! Talk to your money before you give it away and tell it where to go, who to bless and to come back to you multiplied!
Buy Black Wednesday is enriching us as I speak because more people are keeping and bringing that money home! It's causing us to (Oh my God!) think black...more often, which is [changing our consciousness] and causing more unity(!) and getting us back into the habit of buying black when ever possible. We are getting more "touches", more connections, more involvement with each other! And when you touch black people (in their natural unjacked up state) you get blessed above all others, your blood pressure goes down, your endorphins rise up, your health improves! When you create and are around a Black Family atmosphere there's more self love and knowledge of self! Our minds are expanded and our lives are enriched when we come in greater contact with the black experience! And of course, with the increased interaction comes more awareness of Black History! So before you shoo shoo and poo poo Buy Black Wednesday let's try to do it! Let us do this one thing together and see the outcome for ourselves!

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