Thursday, October 6, 2011

Buy Black Wednesdays 8: OCCUPY BLACK WALLSTREET!

There is an incredible movement going on right now to fight government greed and corruption worldwide! It started about 3 weeks ago in New York with a group that calls there movement OCCUPY WALLSTREET! There main focus is that the greedy elite 1% super rich are oppressing the other 99% of humanity and we are not going to take it anymore! And their hundreds of demonstrators have turned into thousands and millions! At first the corporate owned media refused to cover them, but their growing numbers could not be denied! Michael Moore showed up, Cornel West, KRS1, Susan Sarandon and a plethora of unions! Until Occupy Wallstreet spread to Occupy Greece, Occupy London, Occupy Chicago, Occupy San Francisco, Occupy LA, and now Occupy Oakland and Berkeley and so on!

And I am all for this movement! Is it for black people? Yes! But with caution! These people are shouting "Power to the People!" Amen! But where were they 40 years ago when the Panthers needed them? They are revolting now only because they are being treated as inhumanely as black people have been treated for 400 years! Back in the 60s these people had a tantrum (it turns out) and had a Sexual Revolution, Flower Power, Summer of Love, Free Speech Movement, where the Peace Sign was in vogue. But they eventually exchanged their Peace Signs for Mercedes Benz signs, went back to Wallstreet and back to work for their daddies who they were rebeling against; a luxury we never had. And when they went back to their lives of privilege they forgot about us!

So join the movement with caution and ask yourselves of any movement: Does this group have a collective goal or plan to work on which assures that we are making progress for our people everyday if not every hour!? Buy Black Wednesdays is a movement that has such a plan! So feel free to join our international [Buy] Black Wednesday campaign. It's not just about buying black once a week, it's about reblakifying our deblackified minds! It's about revisiting Black History Month and Kwanzaa and each other on no less than a consistant weekly basis! It's about excavating the black gold in great black legacies of which there is no end! It's about OCCUPYING BLACK WALLSTREET by recruiting new members hourly, everyday! There is no reason for us to be a poor Trillion Dollar Nation! The gold, the diamonds, the oil, the wealth and resources of Afrika are merely the shadows of it's people! The greatest wealth of Afraka is us! Afreeka be free!
(work in progress)

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