Friday, June 10, 2011

Buy Black Wednesdays

Please join our national and worldwide movement to support black businesses and black people financially by going out of your way on Wednesdays to spend your money in the Black Community. The goal is to support our own businesses every day, but especially on Wednesday! And, almost as importantly, let the Black Business person you're supporting know that you support Buy Black Wednesdays. And try to mention and spread the word about Black Wednesday every second of every day! Get on the phone and the net and call and alert people!

On Black Friday we literally trample over each other to give our money to others and build up their communities at the expense of our own! Let us run to each other and build our own communities on Black Wednesday! There is no reason we should be a poor Trillion Dollar Nation, which is about how much African Americans make annually. The problem is we intergrate our dollars too swiftly when we would be better of segregating them; i.e. keeping it in the family!

Why Wednesday? Because Wednesday is Hump Day! Because Wednesday is the 4th day of the week and Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics) is the 4th principle of Kwanzaa! So you can also call this Sikujamaa or Cooperative Economics Day! And in order to include everybody you can also call it African Reparations Day - a day to give reparations to our selves, but also a day that also alllows and encourages any non Africans with a sense of human decency, who realize that Africa is the heart, birthplace and breadbasket of the world and she and her people have been disproportionately disenfranchised, taken advantage of and abused, to give back to the Motherland and her people and help level the world's playing field for all! Non Africans will have to look over their shoulders less in guilt and fear that an angry black person is going to rob or steal from them and seek revenge, and their will be less crime and violence in the world if they support African Reparations Day!

Also as you may know economics is one of the major issues in the Black Community! Most black male/female relationships are broken up or strained because of money problems! Most black on black crime and homicide usually is related to money. The reason why we have so little clout in the world community is because of lack of unity and funds! Black Artists who could uplift the whole community often languish in a obscure purgatory of poverty and desperation Africans around the world suffer and die because of lack of money. And we Africans in America have money, but we rarely keep it in our communities long enough to change our impact on the world and our living conditions! So let us begin to change all that through this coming Financial Revolution called Black Wednesday!!!

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