Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BBW #12: Black Is the New Religion! Afrika Is Closed Until Further Notice!

    Afrika! Let's do like China and put the whole continent on lockdown, close our doors to the rest of the world until we're ready to come back out again as a super power! Let's do like Japan after the atomic bombs and strategize and regroup amongst ourselves until we're ready to return to the world stage as a force to be reckoned with! In the 60s if you bought something that said "Made in Japan", people would laugh at you and say,"Don't look at it too hard it might break! Hahaha!" Because Japan's early post war products were "rinky dink"! But by the time the 80s came around nearly every appliance in every house and every car on your block was Made in Japan! Let's put up a sign on the door of the Motherland that says: Afrika closed for 20 years or until further notice for inventory, repairs, reconstruction and healing! Let's close Afrika to foreigners from 2020 to 2040, if not longer, and keep and decide what we want to do with our gold, our diamonds, our oil, our land, our resources and ourselves! Lets put all the voluntary intergration, assimilation and multiculturalism on hold for a while until we rehabilitate, recover and cure our schizophrenia from being gang raped by the other cultures of the world! In other words, how can you be a Gay Rights Feminist Liberal Republican Capitalist Christian Muslim Alpha Phi YT Harvard Graduate Afrikan and ever find time to be black! We need more full time Afrikans who are black on purpose!

    If your house is on fire do you: A. Cry out to Jesus? B. Pray to Allah? C. Go to college and learn how to extinguish fires? Or D. Man up and put out the fire!? I ask you that question because the Black House is on fire, one in five Afrikan babies die before they reach five years old and our communities are going up in flames! We desperately need more black fire fighters! NOW!

    We need folks to unplug themselves from the Matrix, pull out, withdraw, and pull together! Harambe! I can hardly believe how gullible we black people are! Expending so much money, energy and resources fighting other people's battles and supporting everybody else's causes but our own! And then having the nerve to accept being reciprocated by being put on the bottom of the totem pole in every culture, cause and religion (You tell me if I'm lying)!!!  Let's take a panoramic view of what good the bloody religions have done for us the last 6000 years and peep their effeciancy ratings! lol

    Islam has not reproduced another Muhammad in 1400 years!

    Christianity has not christened another Jesus in over 2000 years!

    Buddhism has not given the world another Buddha in 2600 years

    Judaism has not seen another Moses in 3300 years! And

    Hinduism has not produced another Krishna in a whopping 5600 years!

    That means collectively these top five religions have not given the world another Messiah in 14,000 years!!!!

0 for 14,000 is the worst batting average ever!!! Who in their right mind would attend a college if they knew that they hadn't graduated a student with a Master's Degree in 14,000 years!? They say if you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results that is the surest sign of insanity and retardation! Unlike the Mystery Schools of Ancient Egypt that produced World Teachers, community Avatars, Healers and Magicians, that church Pastor don't want you to graduate he wants to keep you and yours and those "money streams" in his stable for a lifetime!

    And the main reason why these religions have such a high faulure rate and have played a large put in placing the world in the pitiful condition it's in today is because they all have borrowed or stolen from ancient African civilizations and spirituality and worhsip great black Afrikan messiah god kings, but they all refuse to acknowledge their Afrikan origins, heritage and culture! And they not only dishoner the living Afrikans and today's black geniuses, but they are trying to completely deface and erase us from the picture! So these religions are cursed for suppressing or trying to suppress the rise of the Afrikan people they worship; largely because they know that if they catered to Afrikan glory and greatness people would follow Afrikans religiously instead of these bogus religions and they would lose power over the people; because people would want to "be like Mike" - Michael Jordon and follow the Michael Jacksons and Martin Luther Kings of the world!

    So to put it more succinctly: 

    Modern day Christianity is white supremacy disguised as religion.

    Islam is Arab supremacy disguised as religion.

    Buddhism is Asian supremacy disguised as religion.

    Judaism is Jewish supremacy disguised as religion. And

    Hinduism is Indo-European-Aryan supremacy disguised as religion.

    And every church in the world is basically a Little Whore House for the big pimp daddy church in Rome.

    Every mosque and Muslim similarly gives vitality and finances to Mecca and Arabian causes.

    Buddhism has brothers and sisters chanting,"Nam myo ho renge kyo" and turning heads toward Asia.

    Every Jew puts Israel on blast, although no Jew could ever teach you how to be an Afrikan Hebrew.

    And Hinduism, which has been called "Sanctified Racism" is the Godfather of all religions and it's main feature is it's caste system which puts light-skinned East Indians and whites in the upper castes and darker skinned Indians and Afrikans at the very bottom of these caste systems (forever!) and appeases each class by giving every one somebody to look down on and feel superior to and makes "Happy Slaves"out of the bottom caste members by telling them they are doing Dharma (God's work and God's will) and they are where they are because of their Karma (what they did in a past life)! So 200 million Afrikans have sailed in the bowels of the slave ship India for 3000 years and have been designated as Black Untouchables (too dispicable to even touch) and told not to go within twenty feet of the sacred Hindu temples because even if their shadows touch the temple walls the temples will be defiled!!!Wow! What a vicious con!!!

    All of these bloody religions andor their cultures have enslaved and are oppressing people, but mostly Afrikans. And these Baby Souls have the audacity to put themselves in the position as teachers and priests of God who claim that they can teach the Ancient Souls the way better than we can teach ourselves. Listen to the language of their religions: "Bow down, cover up, worship, obey and though shalt not!" That is not a language for the Parents of Humanity, the Planetary Elders and the Gods and Goddesses of Earth! This is the language for the young newborn races and the Barbaric Juvenile Delinquent Man!

    They stole your mojo and repackaged it and now are selling it back to you brother! Europa is a differently lettered way of saying Yoruba. Christ and Krishna sound alike because they both mean "black" in Sanskrit and Afrikan languages. And the word Messiah was inspired by the Masai (Warrors) and means "Spiritual Warrior"! But if all of this evidence and theft and deciet and wickedness isn't enough to convince you to withdraw out of their worlds like a turtle into your protective shell of pure Afrikaness and get back to black,  because you want to continue your journey as a "happy slave" then so be it! But I am a Malcolm eXorcists trying to exorcize the devil from my people; so I must encourage all true Afrikan revolutionaries to drop their affiliations with these theological Bloods and Crips, organized crime and Mafia owned, blood soaked religions!

    And even though I compare the Christians and the Muslims to the Crips and the Bloods, I will make slight exceptions for the Ethiopian Church and the Rasterfarians and the Black Muslims because they prove my point. Because their religiosity is black and afrocentric the Rastas produce plenty of strong black Messiah/Maisai Warriors, as do the Black Muslims who have given the world fierce black warrior prophets like Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Farrahkhan and Khalid Muhammad! And Reggae music has never wavered as a powerful, funky music for our people, Africa and the Most High! Plus I like how the Rastas are willing to work with anybody who is truly down for humanity, Afrikans and the Creator!

    "Our blacks are better than their blacks!" This is what a Republican politician blurted out recently when comparing her party with the Democratic party. And this pretty much sums things up across the board in world politics. These people cherish your skills but they actually think they own you - like pets! Like slaves! I think the NBA - Negro Basketball Association - players are on a strike now like never before because they figured this out, that millions of people cheer for their favorite teams thinking this same thing, "Our blacks are better than theirs!" We have great value brothers and sisters! Same thing in Major League Baseball and the National Football League! And in the Olympics ("Run, nigger, run!) every four years America gets to show off and parade us around like the Harlem Globetrotters and say: Our blacks are better than yours! Like we are a stable of well bred horses!

    But this sentiment goes much deeper than sports! How bland would Christianity and Islam be without Afrikans! Caint nobody put nothing on blast like black people! Who can fight better for a religion than Muhammad Ali? Or sing for one like Patti LaBelle!? All the religious leaders want you to think, "Our bloody brand of religion is better!" Afrikans were here for millions of years before anybody else, but these Johnny Come Latelys appeared on the scene a few years ago and made a religion out of you - Black Jesus, Black Moses, Black Buddha, Black Muhammad and Black Krishna, and out of Black Genius and Black Culture! And although they try to leave Afrikans and the African Origins of their religions out of the picture, their underlying sales pitch to the world is, "Our brand of black is best!"

    Even though the Hindu religious leaders paint pictures of Krishna as blue and any color but black, the very word Krishna in Sanskrit means "black". But the Christians say, "Our black is God's only Son!" Our black is exclusive - the best of the best! And the Muslims say "Mohammad is the last prophet!" But they say the same thing about great basketball players: There will never be another Elgin Baylor, another Oscar Robertson, another Doctor J, another Magic Johnson, another Michael Jordon, another Kobe Bryant, another LeBron James! They continue to underestimate the greatness of God and Black Genius which continues to shock the world and outdo what the world believes is possible!

    All around the world your Afrikan All Stars are worshipped, except in the west where you have to be clowning, on a leash or dead to pass the test! Tupac couldn't pay to get into a university when he was alive but now that he's passed on they have college classes and courses about him!?! When Michael Jackson got tired of the world of Cross-tianity he went to Saudia Arabia. When he came back he was about to shake up the world and cross over and become a Muslim like his brother Jermaine. Or he had already done so and was about to make it official during his comeback world tour.  But Crosstianity said if we can't have you nobody can! Michael Jackson got double crossed!

    "Our black are better than theirs!" One brags: We occupy Egypt now, the inspiration and blue print for all religions! Another says: We occupy the hood! One says: We occupy their corner grocery stores! Another says: We occupy their behinds! One says: We occupy their hair and their money! Another says: We occupy their minds!

    Seems like everybody wants too occupy black but black people! And so the world is deprived of what it needs most, African values, African wisdom, Afrikan spirituality, Afrikan culture and great black Afrikan genius! And this Black Deprivation is a lot like Sleep Deprivation which makes you cranky and irritable and drowsy and can lead to schizophrenia, insanity and death! Because when you sleep, dream, meditate and pray what do you do first? You close your eyes and see blackness - which is the door, the way, the truth and the source to everything, including light and power! Humanity originated from a black womb. And creation, like the morning sun from midnight, was born out of dark matter and black space! But black women are being deprived of functional black men. Black men are being deprived of loving black women. And black people and the whole world is being deprived of its Planetary Elders, black people, in a healthy state of mind and productivity!

    If you are a Harlem Globetrotter why would you want to play for the Washington Generals!?! Know thy self brother, sister! You are the life of the party! If you want to do something religious excavate the richness of your own blackness and black history and culture religiously! Put yourself and your people on blast! Listen to that Afrikan All Star in the New Testement who said,"Ye are Gods!" And to that other Afrikan All Star, Marcus Garvey, who said, "Be black, think black, buy black!" Your black is better than theirs! Theirs is a copy! You are the Original! And our black unity will be the greatest relgious experience in the history of the universe! Buy Black Wednesday!

(c) 11-9-11, 9am, by Pa Ra Dise 939