Thursday, October 13, 2011

BBW 11: OCCUPY YOUR BLACKNESS (And You Will Find Everything)!

    Are you a Part-time Revolutionary or a Full Time Afrikan!?! A part time revolutionary is better than nothing but we need more full time Afrakans in our come-unity! The problem is everybody else is being full time themselves, but we're only being part time ourselves! We are so distracted with American Dreams and fighting other people's fights that we have no chance of winning our own battles; and we wont until we give them our full attention and energy! The racists are working overtime! And our integration into disintegration has us hardly working!
    It's great that the OCCUPY WALL STREET movement against corporate greed and destruction is waking the rest of the world up to a battle that we've been fighting for thousands of years! And although we should encourage them we cannot be overly distracted from OCCUPYING BLACK WALL STREET and OCCUPYING BLACKNESS; wherein is our strength!
    Let me give you an overview of some of the various ways we've been [integrated and disintegrated] since the 60s by fighting other people's fights! Some of us joined the Flower Power Movement, white people revolting against their parents! But when it was over they went back to work for Wall Street and their parents, a luxury we didn't have! Sistars joined the Women's Feminist Movement, only to run into the same racism and discrimination they were getting from men! What is more important your gender or your people? Your genitalia or your people?
    Some of us joined the Gay Rights Movement and are presently in the streets fighting for homosexuals to have the same rights as heterosexual to marry. But that same greco-roman culture is trying to kill you! And what's more important your sexual orientation or saving black people from extinction? We also got little ol' black ladies on the streets giving it up for the Jehovah Witness Movement. We got folks who have shunned their blackness for the Christian Movement which is being used as white supremacy disguised as religion! We got Afrikans deblakified in the Muslim Movement which is being used as Arab Supremacy disguised as religion! We god black Buddhists chanting "Nam myo ho renge kyo!" a thousand times a day, when they should be having Afrikan words and causes on their lips! We got Afrakans chanting for the Hare Krishna Movement and we even have blacks trying to blend into the Mormon Movement! When the fact of the matter is all of these movements are empowering people, races and cultures that are anti-Afrikan and raping and pillaging our communities world wide! For this reason and the fact that are communities are backsliding into an abyss should be enough for us to drop out of these movements and into our Blackness full time! Not to mention that THE GODS DON'T NEED YOU BUT YOUR PEOPLE DO! If your house is on fire do you pray to Jesus or Allah to put the fire out, do you go to college to learn how to extinguish flames, do you inquire if the fire is sexist or homophobic or do you man up and put the fire out yourself! The Black House is on fire!
    Which reminds me, there is another form of integration that is one of my least favorite...and that is the College/University System which takes our brightest young minds and entangles them with nonsense and holds them hostage away from their communities for years before spitting them back out into the same jobless market that was there before but presently shackled with thousands of dollars of debt! And in the meantime all their homies are dead and gone, the sisters are turned out, a freeway has been run through the community, gentrification is everywhere, they've taken Harlem and the Filmore and all the Little Afrikas and they're still raping, pillaging and bombing Mama Afraka! Who? These people who you are praying with and being taught by and giving your money! Yes, even that little black church in the hood is being siphoned of it's coins and must pay the Big Daddy Church in the Vatican!
    And some of us are diluted and incapacitated by several of these movements at the same time! But what can a Gay Rights Christian Feminist Harvard Alpha Phi YT Republican Communist/Capitalist Gangster Rapper brother or sister do for black people! When will s/he ever have time to be black!
    Your Blackness has been in the world for millions of years, it carries certain information, wisdom, music, logic, magic, vibrations and rhythms of life that others cannot fathom. Close your eyes and you will be in and see the same blackness where every Messiah found his mojo! Occupy your Blackness and you will find everything...including God and Paradise! I promise you! And I guarantee it or your life back!

(c) 10-13-11, 12pm, by Paradise

Monday, October 10, 2011

BBW #10: Religions Pay Homage to Afrikan Ancestary, but not to Afrikans!?!

Top 5 Religions are Batting 0 for 14,000 Years in Reproducing Greatness of its Black Heroes!

Religion is responsible for the position the world is in today!
But no religion is responsible for reproducing a single great man like the one it follows!
Let me show you why!
Islam is 0 for 1400 years in creating another Muhammad!
Christianity is 0 for 2000 in creating another like Jesus!
Buddhism is oh for 2600 in creating another Buddha!
Judaism is 0 for 3300 in creating another Moses!
Hinduism is 0 for 5200 in creating another Krishna!
Combined that makes these religions about 0 for 14,000 years!
That's the worse batting average ever! You haven't had a hit in 14,000 years!?!
Your religions need to be fired! If religion is the opiate of the masses yall need to get a new drug!
Why attend a school that hasn't had a succesful graduate in 14,000 years!
To do the same thing for 14,000 years and expect different results
is a glaring sign of retardation!

And why have these religions failed to reproduce the Messiahs they honor?
Because each religion pays homage to their Afrikan Ancestary and Great Black Genius of the past
but to the actual living Afrikans and great black genius of the present they suppress, ignore and dishonor.
It is the most absurd thing in the universe, over a billion East Indians worship Blue Black Krishna but there's over 200 million so called Black Untouchables that they have oppressed for over 3000 years! The Pope secretly worships a Black Madonna in the Vatican but outwardly shows no love for Afrakans! The cardinal rule of black and most indigenous cultures is to respect your elders! But black people are at the bottom of the totem pole of all religions and societies! Because 6 billion people on earth are in denial of their Afrikan Ancestry! So the world is cursed and suffering for disrespecting its Elders! And Afrikans are suffering for mimmicking these others and not showing love to themselves! SMH!

The King James Bible in many ways is an Old English newspaper. Most modern day newspapers have a tendency to make black people look bad. And the Bible is the same in the sense that it has no mention of Ancient Egypt except that it enslaved God's Chosen people; Nothing about Egypt and Afraka being the founder of civilization, science, mathematics, philosophy, music, poetry, astronomy and astrology, etc. But their is no proof that Egypt enslaved anybody! Egypt was Club Oasis of Planet earth! The Empire of Elegance! Everybody was trying to get in - not get out. Have you ever heard of slaves having enough gold to make a Golden Calf!?! Dag! Have you ever heard of slaves with jewelry? Besides black people in America!?! lol

Krishna is a Sanskrit word which means black! The word Christ is a derivative of the word Krishna, Khrist, KRST, which is an anciet kemetic/Afrakan word that means the same thing. The rivers of all races and all religions can be retraced to one source, Afraka! Black people are so awed by the Bible and other Holy Scriptures! Well you should be because the Bible is your story! You have been here for millions of years Black Man! These other people have just appeared on the scene a few thousand years ago! The story of the crucifixation is an ongoing story, isn't it obvious? You are the one being persecuted on the cross! And your ressurection is taking place even now as I speak!

We are the ones we've been waiting for! You are the Black Buddhas and Black Muhammads and Black Krishnas and Black Jesus' and Black Moses and Nefertitis and Ankhenatons and Isis' and Ausars and Cleopatras and King Solomons - the wisest man on earth! Your dark skin tone distinguishes you as a Planetary Elder, sunkissed with the wisdom of the ages, and eons of insight and intuition and millenia of black magic and mojo and overcoming! So go forth and heal the world! You are the light of the world, the door, the truth! I am That I am! You are! Amen Ra! Amen!

Think black, love black, buy black!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Buy Black Wednesdays 8: OCCUPY BLACK WALLSTREET!

There is an incredible movement going on right now to fight government greed and corruption worldwide! It started about 3 weeks ago in New York with a group that calls there movement OCCUPY WALLSTREET! There main focus is that the greedy elite 1% super rich are oppressing the other 99% of humanity and we are not going to take it anymore! And their hundreds of demonstrators have turned into thousands and millions! At first the corporate owned media refused to cover them, but their growing numbers could not be denied! Michael Moore showed up, Cornel West, KRS1, Susan Sarandon and a plethora of unions! Until Occupy Wallstreet spread to Occupy Greece, Occupy London, Occupy Chicago, Occupy San Francisco, Occupy LA, and now Occupy Oakland and Berkeley and so on!

And I am all for this movement! Is it for black people? Yes! But with caution! These people are shouting "Power to the People!" Amen! But where were they 40 years ago when the Panthers needed them? They are revolting now only because they are being treated as inhumanely as black people have been treated for 400 years! Back in the 60s these people had a tantrum (it turns out) and had a Sexual Revolution, Flower Power, Summer of Love, Free Speech Movement, where the Peace Sign was in vogue. But they eventually exchanged their Peace Signs for Mercedes Benz signs, went back to Wallstreet and back to work for their daddies who they were rebeling against; a luxury we never had. And when they went back to their lives of privilege they forgot about us!

So join the movement with caution and ask yourselves of any movement: Does this group have a collective goal or plan to work on which assures that we are making progress for our people everyday if not every hour!? Buy Black Wednesdays is a movement that has such a plan! So feel free to join our international [Buy] Black Wednesday campaign. It's not just about buying black once a week, it's about reblakifying our deblackified minds! It's about revisiting Black History Month and Kwanzaa and each other on no less than a consistant weekly basis! It's about excavating the black gold in great black legacies of which there is no end! It's about OCCUPYING BLACK WALLSTREET by recruiting new members hourly, everyday! There is no reason for us to be a poor Trillion Dollar Nation! The gold, the diamonds, the oil, the wealth and resources of Afrika are merely the shadows of it's people! The greatest wealth of Afraka is us! Afreeka be free!
(work in progress)